Clodyne Seidel

(352) 421-8252

Meridian Realty Group

Ocala, Florida

Clodyne Seidel


As a dedicated wife and mother of eleven children, Clodyne has mastered multitasking and knows how important efficiency and time management are for busy families. She and her husband, Jim, relocated to Ocala from South Florida after discovering the beauty of the land and all that north central Florida has to offer. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Clodyne speaks Portuguese fluently and Spanish semi-fluently and enjoys working with foreign investors. She moved to the United States at 16, learned English and graduated magna cum laude from Florida International University with her Bachelor’s degree in business administration. As a real estate professional, Clodyne enjoys combining her language and business skills with her international experience. She is proud to serve Ocala and its surrounding communities and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the area. Clodyne is passionate about the hunt for each family’s perfect home and understands well how important it is to get one’s family settled when relocating. Clodyne is dedicated to making real estate transactions transparent and prides herself on making the process of buying and selling as smooth and stress-free as possible. When not working, Clodyne enjoys spending time with her family, the occasional dinner date with Jim and helping her kids with their algebra! As a member of the Seidel Group of Meridian Realty Group, Clodyne is dedicated to helping you meet your real estate needs.

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