Megan Wade

Megan Wade

352 872 2173

Meridian Realty Group

Ocala, Florida

Megan Wade


As a Florida native and calling Ocala “home” for almost 30 years, Megan believes in the power of community and eagerly shares her local knowledge. Trained in medical imaging, she honed her skills caring for others; but while purchasing her first home, was intrigued by the process and decided to translate her skill set to the world of real estate. With a healthy respect for hard work and an understanding of the need for positive relationships, Megan’s high standards are a valuable commodity and her enthusiasm is contagious! She has a strong moral compass and, guided by honesty and fairness, speaks her mind. When not working, Megan loves spending time with family and friends. She enjoys the outdoors, especially camping, and also loves cooking and being a mom. Megan lives in Ocala with her husband, also a Florida native, and their daughter.


Megan's most requested search

School zones are important to families and this is my most requested elementary school zone. It holds a special place in my heart, as it's where I went as a child:

Eight Street Elementary School Zone Home Search


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