If you’ve been considering a move to North Central Florida (Marion County and surrounding), but are weighing the pros and cons, Meridian Realty Group wants to help with that decision! Here are five great reasons to move to Ocala.

1. You like horses? We’ve got horses!

Did you know that Ocala is the horse capital of the world? Ocala and Marion County are home to over six hundred thoroughbred farms as well as the 500-acre Florida Horse Park, an official training site for the US Equestrian Team and a venue filled with regular horse-related events with an international scale.

2. So much land!

You’re probably sick of McMansion homes on tiny lots in big cities where you can pass a roll of toilet paper to your neighbor between your bathroom windows, and we don’t blame you. With plenty of acreage, and lots of space, you’ll finally be able to stretch your legs without hearing Bob and Margaret fight over the TV remote again.

3. An unrivaled local art and vendor scene

The number of farms, artisans, craftsmen, and professional hobbyists living in North Central Florida means that you’ll never be far from a farmer’s market, independent fruit or vegetable stall, or craft fair. You can support your local economy and enjoy some amazing homegrown food, works of art, and more!

4. In the middle of everything

Theme parks, national parks, zoos, beaches - all of these fantastic attractions are only a hop, skip, and a tiny drive away. The best part of North Central Florida is that it’s, well, central! Whether you want to head into Orlando, check out Gainesville, visit Crystal River, or visit Daytona Beach, you’ll find it all within reach.

5. The last bastion of reasonable home prices

With the average home prices being lower than the urban areas of Florida, you’ll get more bang for your buck, more square footage for your simoleons, more property for your pennies . . . okay, you get the point. Meridian Realty Group is ready to work with you to establish your parameters and find you that perfect affordable home.

Ready for your big move? Contact Meridian Realty Group today if you have more questions about the life, culture, and economy of Ocala and all of North Central Florida!