Living in the Central Florida area, it seems like every other house has its own swimming pool. At the same time, we hear plenty of horror stories about building, installing, and maintaining a pool. Is it worth it? We’ll break down the pros and cons of having your very own watering hole in your backyard.

Swimming Pool Pros:

  • They’re fun. Modern swimming pools have gone above and beyond the amenities that used to be found in 1970s pools. Gone are the painful slides that gave you burns if you didn’t have enough water running down it and the diving boards that terrified every parent. Now, pools have built-in underwater speaker systems, advanced current generation for exercise, heating elements that work quickly, tanning shelves, fire and water features, waterfalls, swim-up bars, and more! But even if you just have the standard swimming pool, you’ll have a place where everyone wants to hang out all year long in Florida, and there’s nothing more relaxing than diving into your own pool after a long day.
  • They’re not as hard to maintain as everyone says. Pool cleaning companies are relatively reasonable, given the knowledge and work they put in, but even if you choose to do it yourself, a little research and education will mean that you’re ready to make sure your pool stays clear and clean.
  • You have plenty of options. Do you just want the standard kidney-shape? Easy. Do you want to design a giant concrete pool that looks like it belongs in a hotel? Just as easy. How about a multi-level pool that feeds into a hot tub? No problem. Pool companies come with dozens and dozens of options, and if you’re particularly creative, you can customize the design yourself!

Swimming Pool Cons:

  • They can be expensive. You’re going to be making a sizable investment when you consider not only the pool, but the excavation, construction, deck, added elements, additional landscaping, screens, porches, fences, and other aspects all combined. Don’t install a pool if you’re trying to bring value to your home for resale later. Do it if you feel like the investment is something you’ll benefit from personally while you live there.
  • They do need to be constantly maintained. You can’t take a six-month cruise around the world (do people do that?) and come back to a perfect pool. The wrong combination of chemicals, not enough cleaning, even enough big storms can all upset the quality and balance of the pool.
  • It’s your OOL. Keep the P out of it. Not everyone is going to treat your pool as well as you will, and if you become party central once you install it, you may have to set some ground rules pretty quickly to make sure that your friends and your friends’ friends respect your home.

Especially in Florida, a pool can be a welcome respite to a hot day, and floating around listening to music is a great way to wile away a weekend. But before you dive in - see what we did there? - and install a pool in your backyard, make sure you are informed and make the right choice for you and your family.

Have questions about what a pool can do for you, and how it affects the value of your home? Call Meridian Realty Group today and we can help you figure out if it’s the right choice before you sell!