If Walmart started offering discount surgery services in its superstores, right next to the money orders and hair salon, would you consider it even for a second? The savviest readers are immediately shaking their heads and laughing, but there are a few of you thinking “What could be so bad about that?” And luckily for those few, we’ll dive right in and help you with that one.

There are some professions out there where the amount of money you pay is proportionally related to the quality of service, attention to detail, and overall effectiveness, efficiency, and professional results. What this means is that as a general rule for some specialized fields, the more you pay, the better product/service you’re going to get.

Obviously, this isn’t true in the world of retail. Retail has always been, since the dawn of time when a caveman named Grog sold rocks outside a cave to lazier cavemen who didn’t want to look for them, about finding a product for as cheap as you can and then marking up the price as high as possible to earn a profit. Amazon and Walmart only stay in business because when you’re dealing with millions of transactions, you can have a one percent profit margin and still pad your pockets easily.

But, beyond retail, when you’re dealing with specialized services, the price you pay is directly tied to the quality of what you get. Would you go get your annual physical and medical check-up from a guy driving around in a van with “Free Exams” painted on the outside? Are you going to get your prescriptions filled from a guy driving around in an ice cream truck who takes cash? (Weirdly, it’s the same guy - he needs to get a new line of work). Of course not!

Real estate is the exact same situation. Using the lure of a smaller commission to attract sellers, discount real estate brokerage firms offer a promise that is literally too good to be true. The trade-off happens immediately - instead of a professional, hands-on agent who puts the time and effort in to sell your home properly, you get a brokerage that puts their time at a premium. This means agents at a discount brokerage can’t afford to spend the time they need to properly manage a real estate listing or sale transaction, and if the agents can't spend the time needed to help you, who will? Often it's inadequately trained assistants who have even less motivation to do a professional job than the agents, who are in the difficult position of having to close as many fixed-commission sales as possible. This 'head 'em up and round 'em out' approach can result in error-filled transactions that frustrate sellers and title companies, cause problems with banks and underwriters, and delay sales for days, if not indefinitely. Is this really the experience you want? Is this how you feel that your needs as a seller should be prioritized? (They’re rhetorical questions, of course, but the answers should be a resounding “No!”)

We get it. It’s easy when looking at the commissions charged by Realtors to think that a discount brokerage firm would be the way to go. Well, it’s easy until you do a little research and find out that professional real estate firms like Meridian Realty Group will on average get higher prices for your home, with fewer errors in the process, fewer risks of problems with the title or loan and fewer chances that you’ll pull out your hair in frustration at the unprofessionalism and lack of respect you’ll receive as a seller.

A discount brokerage firm only succeeds if your home is one of ten homes it sells that month - you’re nothing but a number to them. In contrast, here at Meridian Realty Group, we succeed every time we help one of our clients get a great price on their home, work with them one-on-one throughout the closing, and gain a new friend in the process.

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